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Apse of Sant Climent de Taüll, circa 1123. Master of Taüll. Romanesque.

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Cinnamon and aromatic herbs infusion.

The packaging presents the Catalan Romanesque work “Apse of Saint Climent de Taüll” of the Master of Taüll. © Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (2019) edició: © Laieproduccions Ingredients: Cinnamon, rock tea, thyme and mint. Pes net: 60gr

Baihao Yinzhen Bio. Antioxidant and vitamin C. Certified organic farming

Ingredients: 100% White tea, from organic farming. From: China. Unit sale 40g.

Bancha Bio

Ingredients: 100% Green tea, from organic farming. From: Japan. Unit sale 80g.

Beach scene, about 1869. Winslow Homer. Realism.


Infusion of green tea with spices and flowers.

The packaging presents the American Realism masterpiece “Beach scene”, about 1869, of Winslow Homer. Ingredients: “Gunpowder” type green tea, fennel and jasmine.  

Bukhial BOP

Ingredients: 100% black tea. From: India-Assam. Unit sale 80g.

California dreams II. Antonio de Felipe. Pop Art


Infusion of orange peel with spices and aromatic herbs.

The packaging presents the Pop Art work of the artist Antonio de Felipe “California dreams II”, 2019.

Ingredients: Orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, lemon peel, coriander seeds, sage, stevia.


Capriccio with Colonnade in the Interior of a Palace ca. 1765. Canaletto. Vedutism


Lime blossom, flowers, and aromatic herbs infusion.

The packaging presents the Vedutism masterpiece “Capriccio with Colonnade in the Interior of a Palace ca. 1765, of Canaletto. Ingredients: linden, orange blossom, mint and lemon balm.  

Coming and Going, Martinique 1887. Paul Gauguin. Post-Impressionism


Infusion of red tea or pu-erh with mango, fruits and flowers.

The packaging presents the Post-impressionism masterpiece “Coming and going, Martinique”, 1887, of Paul Gauguin. Ingredients: Pu-erh, dried raisins, hibiscus, papaya dices /papaya,sugar), elder flower berries, pineapple flakes, mango flakes, coconut shavings, aroma, lyophilized yogurt granules (skim milk yogurt, maltodextrin, starch, acidifying agent: citric acid), wild strawberry leaves, sunflower petals, currants and blueberries.  

Dune landscape with Cottage and figures. Jan Josephsz Van Goyen. Golden Age


Infusion of white tea and linden.

The packaging presents the masterpiece of the Dutch Golden Century Painting, “Dune landscape with Cottage and figures” of Jan Josephsz Van Goyen, 1629. Ingredients: Bai Mudan white tea and linden.  

Earl Grey Bio

Ingredients: 100% black tea and natural bergamot aroma, from organic farming. Unit sale 80g.

English Breakfast Bio

Ingredients: 100% black tea, from organic farming. From: China-India. Unit sale 80g.

Genmaicha Bio

Ingredients: 100% Green tea and toasted rice, from organic farming. From: Japan. Unit sale 80g.