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Bio Revital Detox

Ingredients: echinacea, pennyroyal, thyme and calendula petals. Unit sale 50g

Citronella Bio


Ingredients: 100% Cymbopogon citratus (citronella), from organic farming.
Unit sale 40g.

El Pui Bio

Ingredients: Pieces of liquorice roots (In case of hypertension, excessive consumption of liquorice should be avoided) and mint. From organic farming. Unit sale 60g.

Fresca de bosc. Antioxidant digestive and stimulant


Ingredients: Hibiscus, mint, roasted apple pieces, rosehip, cherries, aroma, pineapple, lyophilized strawberry slices and lyophilized raspberries.

Antioxidant, digestive and stimulant infusion. The hibiscus is a powerful antioxidant. Is very useful to the respiratory system, also helps to improve the blood flow and the hypertension. The main properties of the mints are digestive. Also are recognized their respiratory properties. Mints relief some migraines. The rosehip is very rich in vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant, in addition, is beneficial for the immune system. It Helps preventing colds. Its name in popular Catalan “tapacul”, is due to the astringent virtues of this fruit, which slow down diarrhea. Unit sale 80g.

La Mitja Lluna Bio

Ingredients: Sage, cinnamon, pods and seeds of cardamom. From organic farming. Unit sale 60g.

Pennyroyal Mint Bio. Digestive respiratory and vascular. Certified ecological farming.


Ingredients: mentha pulegium and mentha piperita.

Digestive respiratoy and vascular infusion. The mints are digestive, promote the bile secretion and are beneficial for the respiratory and circulatory systems. Also have properties to the respiratory system by decongesting their tracts. It relieves some migraines derived from bad blood circulation, it helps in difficult menstruations. It is stimulant and toning without altering the central nervous system. Unit sale 40g

Retaule de Sant Miquel de Cruïlles. Lluís Borrassà

Infusió de te de Roca amb Espècies i Herbes aromàtiques

L’envàs presenta l'obra "Retaule de Sant Miquel de Cruïlles" de Lluís Borrassà (c. 1360-1424) de la col·lecció del Museu d'Art de Girona. Ingredients: te de roca, gingebre, llavors de coriandre i menta.

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Museu d'Art de Girona